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Information Security is the path to secure cyber and physical security.


Going Beyond Just Static …

DARN SIMPLE going beyond just static.

* Communications
* Computers
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* Information Security
* Networks
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* Resource Location / Logistics
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RepeaterGear professional quality gear for industrial, public safety and amateur radio. Custom built communication transportable systems, wireless networks including 4.9GHz, 900MHz NLOS, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz as well as VHF, UHF and Satellite connectivity.

Communications … the act or process of communicating.

Experience within the Commercial Land Mobile Communications industry since 1980 along with experience in Amateur Radio operations since 1991. From our experience we continue to find that communications failure is one of the greatest problems facing any organization. With the multitude of different communications systems in use it is very difficult to get adequate information to those who need to have it. Solutions are available that can help your business in the utilization of these technology resources.

Computers … an electronic machine capable of accepting and processing data.

With over 20 years of technical knowledge, ResourceOne has the capability to provide technical support, service, training and solutions to special needs. Resources are available to assist with network applications, design of wire and wireless digital networks.

Networks … a group linked together.

Technology is advancing ever so quickly and the need for interoperability is ever increasing. Through networks the mission can be accomplished. From in-house local networks to global wide area networks that link voice and radio via the Internet.

Remote Base

Remote Base:
What is the function?
What will it be used for?
How will it connect to other stations?

What is the function:

A Remote Base provides a method in which locations outside the normal range of a Base Station or Repeater can be accessed. Thus providing additional communications coverage area.

What will it be used for:

Provide additional communications coverage area; also can be used to augment communications resources in emergency situations and special events.

How will it connect to other stations:

Depending on the complexity of the Remote Base (and the amount of funds available) the ideal situation would be to have a combination of RF and Internet backhaul capabilities. If Internet access is available this would be the ideal method for connectivity. Once again if funds are available use of Satellite Internet services would provide some additional remote accessibility.
When using RF backhaul capabilities there are number of methods that can prove to be beneficial. When possible consider VHF Links and for full-duplex A VHF / UHF combination. We cannot forget about the flexibility of HSMM on 2.4, 3.3, 5.8 GHz and even 902 MHz has some promising potential.

Can HF be considered a viable extension of the Remote Base Link? Depends on the mission objective. Looking back to some of the applications in the past couple of years where HF Remote Base Links have been used as a method to receive emergency traffic from distant locations out of normal range of EOC there may be some practical usage for HF.

The way the Amateur Radio licensing is set up it is rather tough to test a station in a non-emergency setting. Especially for those holding a Technician Class license. There are some that have taken the test for the General and Extra class license and passed the test yet don’t have a clue about the technology that they were tested on. It appears that some don’t really care about the technology just the fact that they can now “talk voice on HF.” In some instances voice on HF will not be the best approach for getting the necessary information from those that have it to those that need it.

Okay back to the Remote Base chatter …

So what do we need to create a Remote Base?

What do we need to create a Remote Base:
Determine the type of terrain in which the Remote Base will operate; is it urban, rural, forested, hilly, mountains, etc.

What resources are available;

  • Internet; Dial-up, Broadband, HSMM, Satellite;
  • RF Equipment – HF, VHF, UHF, Microwave;
  • Power – Grid, Solar, Wind, Battery, Generator
  • Antenna Structure – Building, Tower, Mast;

What is the distance that needs to be covered between the Remote Base and Base / Repeater Site:

Will the distance require additional enhancements via extenders, cross-band repeaters, etc:
Once the above information is available we can start working on creating the actual Remote Base

Support Services

  • Communications
  • Computers
  • Emergency Management / Planning / Training
  • Internet Services (VoIP – PBX / RF Gateways)
  • Network Services (Wired and Wireless, DATA / VIDEO / VOICE)
  • Power Protection (UPS / WIND / SOLAR / GENERATORS)
  • Technical Support & Training

Always Be Ready …

Always Be Ready even for those times you really think that it isn’t that time yet. The resources that you create may not be for your own needs, yet they will be of help when you need it because of the knowledge you have gained.

There are times when we think that a job is the perfect for what we need yet time rolls along and bad news is received. But is it really as bad as one would have thought? When you have the talents and skills that are needed can you really create the work that is needed so progress can indeed take place?

What are your talents and skills that you can bring to a group / organization / company that will make things the best possible that many don’t even take the time look at?

It is indeed time to build new technology and resources, are you ready?